How To Win Your Wife Back If You Hurt Her

You happened to make a mess of things and now you need to win your wife back before it’s too late! What was it that pushed her away? Was it something you kept doing? Did you see it coming?

So you feel like you really screwed up and now you do not know what to do. Well, are you going to sit and let things be or are you going to try make a mends? To get your wife back you really need to fix what you did wrong.

Before you can win your wife back, you need to learn about a thing called humility. You need to be willing do anything to get her back, even if it means begging and pleading on your knees. There’s no point being big headed about it and thinking that you are too good to come crawling back to her. If she is still upset with you, then you must have done something wrong.

So your first step on “how to win my wife back” is to acknowledge that you made a mistake. Accept what you did – there’s no point denying it! If she lets you how much it hurt her, then just agree with her. It will not help to pretend nothing happened.

Just do not bend the truth about what you did. Lying will irritate her and lower your chances to win your wife back. Do not pretend that it was nothing and that she was simply overreacting – if it is about to cause a divorce then it is a big deal.

Your second step on how to win back your wife is to not simply say that you will make things right. You have said that before, without any change in your behavior. You need to persuade her that you will improve.

Making her believe you takes more than words to win your wife back. You need to show her with how you act. If you kept doing something that really annoyed her, then just stop doing it.

For example – if you were becoming an alcoholic, the join the AA and get some help. Rather do this BEFORE you decide to tell her how much you have changed in an attempt to get your wife back. If you were becoming aggressive, then seek anger management counseling and follow through with what they tell you.

Whatever it is that is hurting her, make sure you take the necessary to steps to stop doing it. Be serious about improving yourself if you want to win your wife back.

You may find this difficult to do, because it is. Getting rid of bad habits is never easy. Do not try convince yourself that there is nothing wrong with you – because obviously the separation would never have happened if everything was fine.

Your may find your ego getting in the way of you following through with these steps, but in figuring out how to win back your wife, you need to out your ego aside and have some humility. Never let your “dignity” get in the way of doing the right thing in order to win your wife back.

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