How To Win Your Wife Back

Do you know the last thing you should be doing when learning how to win your wife back? This is the nail in the coffin – as far as your marriage goes.

It is a feeling and state of mind you should NEVER, ever let her see…if you want to win back your wife. Not only will it help in getting your wife back, but if you do NOT show this emotion, you will become a hundred times more attractive to women.

The fact is women try to get men to publicly show their emotions – they try to get them to wear “their hearts on their sleeve”…BUT…This is what you NEVER want to show off…and even better is NEVER to feel it either!

Have you heard the expression: “A Hungry Dog Never Gets Fed”? Basically, you do not want to show desperation or be needy.  If you ever let her know that you are feeling lonely, depressed over the separation or even that you truly miss her…BIG MISTAKE!

Does this mean you have to play “hard to get”? No…It means you do not want to show signs of desperation. Are you trying to contact her 3 times daily? You are acting desperate…and you are ruining your chances in knowing how to win back your wife.

So how exactly do you win back your wife? You need to ATTRACT her back, so you want to try be as attractive as you can be… This does not only mean you should look your best. But you need to show self confidence, and be somewhat aloof.  Act as a man who will have a successful life…no matter the circumstances!

But more importantly you need to be and act HAPPY! Letting both yourself and her know that your future is bright. Let me ask you this – what is more attractive? A sad, depressed man with slumped shoulders and glum face…a guy who cannot stop reminding everyone how hurt he is…

Or…A man who looks like he is coping just fine and is able to move on…Someone who is going to make positive changes, is happy with life and only MAYBE is still into her…but is not DESPERATE…

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