A Sneaky Tactic To Get Your Ex Wife Back

If you ever want to get your ex wife back, then you need to use some sneaky tactics. Getting back with you may be the last thing on her mind, but it could be on yours. You will need to learn how to fly under the radar and not let your wife catch on to what you are up to.

Winning your wife back is something that many men have tried to do, even if they were the ones who got the divorce in the first place. When any relationship ends, one partner is always left hanging. If you were left hanging, then it could be obvious to her that you want to get your ex wife back.

So what you need to do is not make it seem so obvious to her. Go out with friends and have a blast. Do not try brag to her about what a fun time you have been having. Also make it look obvious to her friends that you are going out to have fun. And when your ex wife gets the word that you are out and about, she may be bothered by the fact that you are moving on quicker than she is.

When you happen to see your wife again, do not go on and on about all the crazy things you have been up to. Just let her know that you are coping with the divorce. It may be tempting to make her jealous by bragging about your social life. But there will be no need to, because she will be jealous anyway.

If she seems down, then try make her feel better by explaining that her life is also worth celebrating. It may not seem like the right way to get your ex wife back, but by making her feel like an independent, stable person, she will gain respect for you.

Seeing her again will most probably make you want to get your wife back more. But be patient, and do not let her know that she is on your mind. Otherwise you will make it obvious to her that you want her back. Take a break from her, and then get hold of her again to see how she is getting on. Just be casual and sound like an old friend that she has not seen in a while.

If she starts to open up to, do not interrupt her. She will be more attracted to you if she thinks you value and respect her point of view. And this may be what was lacking in the marriage. You may still be in love with her, but rather work on getting to that point where she values you because of the way you really listen to her. And once she needs you, it will be easy to win your wife back.

After you have been able to keep up the contact and regain her trust, she may want to get back together. While it is tempting to start pursuing her, you may not have to make the first move. She may be ready to do it herself. And that is the best way to get your ex wife back – when she wants to get back with you.

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  1. my wife decided that she didn’t want to be with me anymore, one month after she started her own buety salon inside a local gym, where she fell in with a new crowd of friends(mostly seperated or divorced) and had lots of fit single guys hitting on her and stuff. She is 29 i am 30 we have been together for 8yrs married for 4 and have 2 kids (10 and 3). I pleaded and begged for 6months, moved out for a couple weeks then moved back in, after about 5 months she moved into a rented house, she was there for about 4hrs then decided that she wanted to come home and work things out, that lasted for about 2 days then she decided that she didn’t want to be with me again!
    I then moved into a friends for a few weeks, she said that we needed space for a while and that we would work things out and get back together. Then she just decided no she didn’t know how to fix us, i am now at my parents house.
    She has agreed to take on the mortgage payments and the house bills and try and get my name off the mortgage.
    I am finally using no contact, but over the last few days she has stopped contacting me also. I’m just panicking that she has really moved on and is not missing me.
    I know that she has been with other guy or guys, even told me that she was pregnant to someone else, at the time i told her that i would stand by her and we would get through it……when she found out she wasn’t pregnent(2 days later) she just said no don’t want to be with you anymore even though i tolad her i would stand by her!!!
    I have always been a good husband and treated her like a queen, i just hope that she will realise what she has done and what she has thrown away…….and start to want me back and truley feel the loss that i do…..then she will start to persue me!!

    Any comments?

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