9 Tips To Winning Your Wife Back And Keeping Her Happy

Do you have what it takes in winning your wife back and keeping her happy?  Take this advice, and you may just have a shot. Here are 9 tips to get you going:

1) Always be yourself:

Many guys try to get a woman’s attention in the wrong way. They put on a show, and end up looking rather silly. To win your wife back, you need to be comfortable and confident with who you are. Have you ever wondered why some stupid or ugly guys get the best women? That is because they ooze confidence, and confidence in a woman’s eye means instant sex appeal.

2) Show her your appreciation:

In winning your wife back, remember to show her how much you appreciate her. This does not mean you have do some grand gesture to impress her, but rather do the small things when she least expects it. So every now and then, offer to get her car serviced, bring home her favorite sweet. These small things add up to a lasting relationship, as she realizes how much you value and appreciate her.

3) Do not look at other women when you are with her:

This is a big no-no! When you look at other women in your wife’s presence, she instantly assumes you are judging her against them. This all comes down to our primal instincts and a woman’s drive for finding a monogamous life-partner with which to raise her kids. She just cannot help it – it is hardwired into her. If you want to get your wife back, try keep the staring down to a minimum, especially around your wife.

4) Make her laugh:

Guys tend to rate looks as the number one feature that their women must have, but women rate a guy’s humor as his best asset. If you can keep her laughing, you shouldn’t find any problem in keeping her happy. So work on your charm and winning your wife back will be a breeze.

5) Respect her interests:

You most probably met your wife by sharing a common interest or hobby. But as you settled into married life, you may have lost interest in what she loves to do, and you end up finding yourself not knowing how to win back your wife. If you can just put some effort into sitting through her favorite romantic “chick flick” with her or whatever interests her most, she will feel you care about her needs and think that no other guy would have done that for her.

6) Don’t get sloppy:

A big part in winning your wife back is not getting sloppy in your appearance. Married life could really have put you in a comfort zone, so much so that you forgot about shaving, and let yourself go a bit. I know women are not as sensitive to looks as men are, but your wife still likes it when you make an effort. By keeping well-groomed, up-to-date with wardrobe and staying fit, she will remember what attracted her to you in the first place and be impressed by your attempt.

7) Try to integrate into her social life:

It is always to easier to win your wife back if you were involved in her social circle of friends and family. If you can show her that you play an important role in her life, by getting along with her friends and respecting her parents, it will make it harder for her to resist you for any length of time. So put in the effort if you have fallen behind.

8) Support her feelings:

This was most probably a big reason why she decided to marry you those years ago – because you provide the emotional support she needed. Women are driven by the feelings and hormones, so they tend to be less stable than men. In winning your wife back, you need to be sensitive to her feelings and get back on her good side.

9) Keep things fresh:

When you first got married, everything you did together seemed new and exciting – from the dates you went on to the way you kissed. But as the marriage evolved, there is a good chance you fell into the same old routine. So to get your wife back, try to spice things up a bit and try new things with her. It will reignite her passion for you, and make her look forward to more exciting times with you.

So there you have it guys. 9 tips to winning your wife back and keeping her happy. Look, most of these things are common sense, and the fact that many men drive their wives away because they forget about what really makes their women happy is a shame. So put in the effort and you will see results.

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