I Want My Husband Back! 5 Tips To Saving Your Marriage

Are you one of those women saying, “I want my husband back” as you see your marriage starting to fail? It can slowly happen without you knowing it until one day you wake up and realize your marriage is about to end. If you are not prepared to see your marriage collapse right before you, then do everything you can to avoid it. Here are 5 tips to win husband back and save your marriage:

1) You are both responsible:

I hear you saying, “I want my husband back!”, but what you must know is that it was not you, and it was not just him that let the marriage crumble. You are both responsible for making it work. So if you are prepared to help improve the marriage, then so should your husband.

2) One person is not to blame:

It takes two people to build and maintain a relationship, and two people to make it fail. It is not just one of you who is to blame. So do not put unnecessary pressure neither on yourself nor on your husband. Just do your bit to get your husband back, and encourage him to do his.

3) Find some common ground:

Start by looking at where you are in life and where you want to be. Identify what exactly it is that makes you happy together and pushes you to keep things going. Try see those similar qualities in your husband. If you do still love each other after these years together, you will find that common ground upon which you can rebuild your marriage and win husband back.

4) Use that common ground to your advantage:

Once you have realized what exactly it is that makes you happy, try see how you can use that common ground to your advantage. If something makes both of you equally happy, then try spend time doing that activity together. Just make it appear as though it was his idea in the first place. Get elated about it, but do not get too excited. Just remember your end goal is figuring out how to get husband back.

5) Tell him how you feel:

Only once you are spending time having fun together should you tell him how you feel. Explain to him how much you appreciate and admire him, and how much you miss the old times you had together. It easier for both of you to be open about your feelings when you are relaxed and enjoying yourselves. Do not hold back from saying, “I want my husband back”, as you may find you feels the same about you.

Just one last thought. You need to understand that you may never be able to get the marriage back up to how it was when it was its best. Just because you want to get your husband back, it does not mean you have to bring the relationship back up to its highest point.

But what you should believe is that the marriage can go beyond that high point. Tell yourself that the best part of the marriage is still to come if you are willing to work at it. Convince yourself, “I want my husband back, but I also want the marriage to be better than ever”, and then put in the effort to make it a reality.

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