The Steps I Took To Win Back My Girlfriend

When I had broken up with the love of my life, I had a hard time thinking of anything but wanting to win back my girlfriend. I realized that if I really wanted it to happen, I needed to make some changes. Whatever led to the breakup needed to be looked at. Was it something I did or didn’t do? Was it something I could make right, or was it too late?

If it could be fixed, then now was the time to fix it. I needed to undo something or do something I should have already done. So I apologized and tried to make amends. Doing this alone was not going to get girlfriend back, but it was the first step on a path to getting my girlfriend back. For things that could not be fixed I made sure I still apologized for them, and let her know that if I could make them right, I would.

After I had identified the reasons for the breakup, my next step in learning how to get my girlfriend back was to make her want me back. That may sound like common sense, but so many people have failed to do it. I knew I had made her a little angry when the relationship ended, so I had to show her the ‘me’ that would make her happy again. I remained patient and forgiving, and tried to be as kind as possible when I talked to her.

Although I was also angry and far from happy, I made sure I only showed her the pleasant side of me. I wanted to remind her of my good qualities and what she liked most about me when I was happy. I knew that if she felt that I had sincerely apologized for what led to the breakup and she saw the nice side of me again, I would have a chance to get my ex girlfriend back.

It was vital for me to be attentive when I saw or spoke to her. When she spoke I would listen carefully and never interrupt. I let her express herself without cutting in and telling her how she ought to feel or what she ought to do. I was not going to win back my girlfriend by bossing her around!

If you have been following along so far and wanting to know how to win your girlfriend back, you also need to pay close attention to see if your efforts so far are working. Sometimes you can see that she is starting to like you again. With my girlfriend, she began to talk nicer to me whenever she saw me, and we slowly started seeing each other more and more. She even started to seek me out more than before. My efforts at getting my girlfriend back were working!

Because she became so impressed with how sweet I was, she wanted to hang out with me more. And this only made her remember why she wanted me in the first place. When I got this far, I paid close attention when she suddenly became distant or angry every time I saw her. It was a sign that I was moving too quickly, which is made her uncomfortable. So I laid off a bit, and increased my chances to win back my girlfriend.

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