How To Win Back My Girlfriend After A Breakup

When I went through a breakup I also wanted to know how to win back my girlfriend. I felt it was too soon for the relationship to end, and I tried all kinds of silly things to get girlfriend back. But this is what I realized…

Women are driven by their emotions and how they feel, so they will leave you if you do not fulfill their emotional needs. And this is what happened to me.

So to win back my girlfriend I needed to show her that could indeed fulfill her emotional requirements by paying attention to the same emotions and feelings that drove her away from me in the first place.

The first step you need to take to get ex girlfriend back is through contact.

Start off with a casual phone call and email or text message, increase it to more frequent and personal contact. When you do contact her it is vital to pay close attention to what she has to say. And also value and respect her opinion. Staying attentive will also help you notice her body language towards you.

If you want to know how to win your girlfriend back, never play silly games with her. She knows you too well, and will pick it up immediately when you are playing games. So rather subtly let her know your intentions. Now don’t go and shout your intentions at her! Notify her how you feel in a vague and
subtle way.

This will let her know exactly what is happening between the two of you.

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