How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back If You Were A Jerk

If you want figure out how to get your ex girlfriend back, but you acted like a jerk, then maybe she is better off without you. This might not be what you wanted to hear, but it could be true. By accepting that you never treated her well is a good start, but how you are going to fix it and do you really think she wants you back? Until you answer these questions truthfully, you will never get ex girlfriend back.

Here are 8 powerful tips on how to get your ex girlfriend back if you were a jerk:

1)  Change your perception of women.

If you see women as objects, then you do not deserve them. To get your ex girlfriend back, you need to see her as your equal and give her just as much respect you would give anyone else. It is impossible to love someone you do not respect!

2)  Be a gentleman.

Being a “knight in shining armor” is NOT outdated. If you can be a gentleman and treat your woman like a princess, you will have a better chance at knowing how to get your ex girlfriend back. Just be casual about it and do not make a big scene. You do not want to look like a fraud. Women are smart and they’ll see right through any fake attempts to impress them. If your ex does not notice it, her friends definitely will. And all credibility will be lost.

3)  Learn humility.

This will help you a lot in getting your ex girlfriend back.

4)  Admit to her that you were a jerk.

If she called you a jerk, then simply admit it. If it appears that she said it out of anger or frustration, just remember she still thinks you’re a jerk. If your goal is learning how to get your ex girlfriend back, then her opinion is the only one that matters. Look at it like this: You are trying to sell something to her and persuade her to buy it. Well, the customer is never wrong!

5)  Give her what she wants.

You need to figure out what she wants. Does she want time and space away from you? Or does she want you to beg for forgiveness? This will be hard for you to do, but just give her what she wants. If she is not willing to talk to you, then it may help to speak to her friends who know how she is feeling.  She may notice how hard you are trying to please her, and give you another shot to get ex girlfriend back.

6)  Show her friends that you a better person.

This is key to winning her back. Her friends may be very protective over her and be wary of your attempts at showing them the new you. But if you can get her friends respect, then you are more than halfway to getting your ex girlfriend back.

But if you do this the wrong way round, and try to prove to her first that you changed, she may blow you off. And even if you get through to her, her friends will talk her out of giving you another chance. It always helps to have her friends on your side.

7)  Show her you’ve improved.

Do not tell your girlfriend how much you have improved. SHOW her. Saying it over and over will mean nothing if you do back it up with how you behave. It takes more than words.

8)  Ensure the change is long-lasting.

Before deciding to make certain improvements in your life, you need to see whether these changes will be long-lasting. If you cannot make them permanent, you may figure out how to get your ex girlfriend back, but she will dump you again once you slip into your old ways..

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