How To Get Back A Girlfriend With Excitement

Have you recently gone through a breakup and wanting to know how to get back a girlfriend? Well, a good way to get her interested in you again is by sparking some excitement in her life, each time you see her.

So what is an exciting or emotionally charged date?

Well, it does not mean taking her to dinner and a movie. That is just boring and it does not create a bonding or re-bonding experience. Actually for the best results to get back your girlfriend, you should pack a series of mini-dates within a couple of hours.


If you simply do dinner and a movie you lose out on using a sociologically proven principle – that an emotionally charged experience leads to a bond.

Look at it like this:

When you were last at the grocery store, do you remember the person in line in front of you? Behind you? Even the cashier? Probably not.

But, what if while you were in the store, it was being robbed at gunpoint? And the robbers are struggling to open the safe. They are angry, screaming and flinging their big around. The tension is building…

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