How To Get A Girlfriend Back With Desire And Availability

Do you want to know how to get a girlfriend back? In the majority of breakups, women are the ones that end it. As I am sure you know by now, women are irrational creatures. And they do not always say or do what is right for them.

Many times, within days of ending the relationship, she is ready to get you back. But, often she will be too embarrassed that she overreacted and will not let you know that she wants to rekindle things. Unless you make the move, you will stay broken up. So, it is up to you in getting your girlfriend back.

In learning how to get a girlfriend back, you need to use a two pointed attack. First off, you need to show her that you are desirable. Secondly, is to show her that you are available and willing to take her back.

If there was a main cause for the breakup, you need to handle that. For example – When Danny and Cathy first started dating, he would take her concerts and plays since she really liked the arts. As they got more involved in the relationship, they increasingly went to more sporting events, since he was a sports fanatic. But, when Cathy suddenly ended the relationship, only then did Danny notice how few concerts or plays he had taken her to.

So if you are like Danny, if you want to know how to win back your girlfriend, you need do more things that she used to enjoy, and what made the relationship fun for her.

After the break up, Danny did hassle Cathy yet with calls or text messages. He gave her time and space to cool off. But a few weeks later he casually let her know that he had two tickets to play Cathy wanted to see, and he asked her if she wanted to go as friends.

Obviously Cathy could not resist the offer, and looked forward to doing something she enjoyed with the man she still loved. They both went to the play, and afterwards he took her to their favorite restaurant where he bought her favorite expensive wine. Cathy was amazed by how much Danny had changed and she starting dropping hints of getting back together.

Now, Danny had the upper hand, and he knew how to get a girlfriend back on his terms. He told Cathy that he had a great time with her and looked to seeing her again. But he also made it clear that he still enjoyed his sports, and that if she wanted to make it work, she needed to make an effort to learn more about his interests.

Because he had done such a great job at making her happy, she agreed. The new terms for the future relationship were set and they were both happy.

If you remember, Cathy was the one who broke up with Danny. But it was it irrational and she really never wanted it o end. Danny took control of the situation by identifying what was wrong, fixing it, and then setting down new terms for a future relationship. And that is how to get a girlfriend back.

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