5 Steps To Win Your Girlfriend Back

Do you want to win your girlfriend back? Occasionally when a relationship, especially a new one, comes to a quick end, either one or both of you are still in doubt whether it really is the end. Some of us guys simply cannot accept the fact that our girlfriend left us.

So we find ourselves hoping to find her there in the morning and that the break up was just a bad dream. The truth is if you want to win your girlfriend back, then you need a plan.

Look there are numerous measures you can take to win your girlfriend back, but here are 5 of the crucial steps I took to get my true love back.

Step 1 – The crucial questions:

No matter how bad the break up was, there is always a second chance, so it is never impossible to get back with her. Before getting ahead of yourself, you need to ask yourself some crucial questions to see if getting back together is a good idea. Do you still love her? Do you really want to win your girlfriend back? Why? Are you trying to get her back because you are lonely, or because you were unfairly dumped?

If you are try to win your girlfriend back for reasons beyond love, you are playing a dangerous game where both of you could get seriously hurt. So it is best to avoid the physical reasons.

Step 2 – Be strong:

Never appear weak, needy or desperate to your ex if your aim is to get her back. Although you may feel depressed and in dire need of getting her back, you need to control your emotions, and keep them out of the public’s eye. If you really have to express your feelings, rather talk to your close friends or family members, where you can get it all out, without her seeing your sorry state. Never beg or plead in front of her, and avoid stalking her or “accidentally” bumping into her.

Step 3 – Control yourself:

Whether you are feeling angry, frustrated or depressed, you need to forget about your self-pity and instead concentrate on the positive side of working things out with your ex. If you appear defensive, needy or desperate, she may end up avoiding you for good.

Step 4 – Keep communication civil:

Although she ended the relationship it does not mean you cannot repair the communication lines and keep everything civil.  You do not have to be the one starting the conversation, but be open and at least say ‘hello’ and keep in touch.  And when you do talk to her, keep it light hearted and remind her of all the good times you had together. Avoid arguing at all costs.

Step 5 – Analyze what went wrong:

Above all else, you need to figure out the cause of the break up. If you want to win your girlfriend back you need to admit your flaws or mistakes and learn from them.  Once both of you have had time to think about the break up, try find out from her what caused the arguments, which of each others needs you weren’t fulfilling, and work on fixing the problem areas.

This will show her how mature and serious you are about being a better person and getting her back. Women want to be understood and cared for, so if you can show her that, then there is a good chance for you to win your girlfriend back.

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