Secret 5 Step Plan How To Get Over Your Ex

Are you struggling in knowing how to get over your ex? No matter who did the dumping, letting go of some you love is really painful. When they leave, there is an empty void in your heart that was once occupied by your ex, and it seems impossible to fill it. But let me tell you. People do eventually get over a broken relationship.

And here are 5 steps you can take to get over your ex:

1. Let Out The Pain:

You first step is to let go of all the pain and emotional bottle up inside. Know that when learning how to get over an ex, it is very healthy to cry. Another way is to keep a journal and write about how you feel.

Another is to write a long, emotional letter to you ex. Write about the good and bad times you had together. Talk about the breakup and how much they hurt you. Let all your feelings out. When it is finished, burn it! Never send it to your ex. Rather let the fire burn away your hurt and pain. This will give you great closure on the breakup.

2. Is It Really Over?

Your next step is to decide whether your relationship is over for good. If you believe in the idea that your ex will miraculously change and come back to you, then you will never get over your ex.

So do something that symbolizes a complete end to the relationship. A good way is to give back each other’s personal property. Girls, do not even think of keeping his t-shirt you loved to sleep in. Things too trivial to exchange, such as toothbrushes should just be thrown out. If you clear your living space of all your ex’s things, it will clear your ex out of your life.

3. Reconnect with friends:

During this difficult time in your life, you need to have friends around for moral support. Until you meet your soul mate, lover will come and go, but friends will also be around. If you were in an intense relationship, and lost contact with your friends, now is a good time to reconnect and get a social life again.

Also, your friends have probably gone through similar circumstances. By letting them know how you feel, they may open up to you and share their experiences and pain with you. This will help you realize that no matter how bad you feel now, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

4. Spend Your Time Wisely:

Now that you have broken up, it is likely you will have more time on your hands. Use that time constructively to get over your ex. Take up a new hobby. Get back in the gym and improve your fitness and physique.

An excellent way to use your time to join class or group. It not only takes up your time, but it introduces you to new friends and potential lovers.

5. Move On:

And this brings us to our last step. In figuring out how to get over your ex, the best thing to do is move on. As you get involved with your old friends, the new friends you have made, and the new hobbies and activities you take part in, you come out being a stronger, happier, better person.

Moving on is the ultimate way to get over your ex.

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