My Advice On Getting Back Your Ex

Before you make an attempt at getting back your ex, you need to accept that some changes need to be made to make sure the relationship is successful the second time around. Think about lasting changes that should be made before trying to win back your ex. If you don’t think the changes will last very long, then there is no point at winning back your ex.

My first advice at getting your ex back is to get hold of them. If you previously had a fight and some ugly things were said, then you should start off by apologizing. If they had hurt you instead, the initial contact will be slightly easier by simply asking them how they are doing. From the first contact, you should slowly increase the frequency of further contact.

My next advice will vary depending on whether your ex is a guy or girl.

For getting back your ex that is female, you need to appeal to her emotions and feelings, since this is what drives her decisions. To accomplish this try show her that you respect and care for her opinions and feelings by really listening to what she says.

Make sure that your interest in her what she says is sincere and really means something to you. This will give you the opportunity to also notice her body language. Remember, her nonverbal signs are just as important as what she says. Many guys battle to provide enough emotional support to their girlfriends, without being seen as a “pansy”. To stop yourself being portrayed as “soft”, be attentive, but a little detached.

For getting your ex back that happens to be a guy, try to invite him out on a date where you will be able to enjoy an activity together that you used to do as a couple. This will get him thinking about how good your relationship was, and what he has been missing out on. Also use your time together to show him how much effort you have put into making positive changes in your life that may have previously damaged the relationship.

When you do make any necessary changes at getting back your ex, make sure they continue into your rekindled relationship. Otherwise, things will simply break down again and cause further heartache for you and your lover.

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