How To Get My Ex Back When The Chances Look Slim

When your chances look slim in figuring out how to get my ex back, just remind yourself that about ninety-five percent of relationships can be rekindled, no matter the circumstances. All it takes is one partner to try fix the relationship, and that partner is you.

Your first tip to learning how to get back with your ex is to give each other some space for at least 30 days. If you can brave it, then longer than 30 days is even better. So stop calling, texting or emailing your ex and allow them to get to grips with the breakup.

As the relationship ended there is a good chance you both said some things you never really meant, in an attempt to hurt each other and get the upper hand. Only time will help you to get over what was said and think clearly, so give each other some space as you find the answer to “how to get my ex back“.

By not giving yourself time to acknowledge what happened and pushing the subject on how to win back your ex, all you will achieve is to push your ex further away. They left the relationship for a reason – most probably to have some time to think about what they really want, so allow them that time.

If you are concerned about how to get my ex back when you see them dating someone else, let me tell you that these casual flings or rebound relationships never last. Your ex is probably doing this as a way to show themselves that they no longer love you. But, just because your ex is trying to prove a point with themselves, it does not mean your relationship is over.

Rebound relationships happen all the time, and hardly ever work out. This is because most of the time, your ex is still very much in love with you, and their new lover does not give them the support they go from you. So do not worry too much about who your ex is going out with. Rather focus on figuring out how to win your ex back.

The fact of the matter is that getting back together has nothing to do with anyone else, but the two of you. So always look your best, be friendly and caring towards your ex, and give them the impression that you are calm and in control of your emotions. And in no time at all you will stop trying to learn “how to get my ex back“, because you’ll be back together.

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  1. My husband and I have been married for 7 years, he always said I have been abuse him and our daughter.
    He said he hates me, we were living in USA and moved to Hong Kong 3 years ago. We lived in my parents during those years. He hates it but we couldn’t move out because of our finanual situation. I do have a bad temper but I don’t mean to abuse them at all, I love them. I care about my daugther education. therefore I will get so mad if she doesn’t do her homework. I spent less times and attention to my husband because of that. He drinks and smokes alots due to the stress and yelling in my parents place.

    Long story short, my husband has just recently moved out this week with other woman that they met in Jun. They seem falling in love and his phone has full of her photos, but not mine.

    My daughter is going to see him every Sunday and they skype at night too. I really love my husband and I never stop loving him. Can you advice me what I should do to get my husband back please?

    Best regards

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