Getting Back Together – The tell-tale signs

Are you thinking about getting back together? If your ex starts showing you some interest, or is more interested in going out and spending time with you than ever before, or if your ex tries to flirt with you, then it is natural to be hopeful, but don’t jump the gun just yet.

All the above are very common tell-tale signs that your ex is interested in you again. But even if you feel the same way, you should not rush things. It is best to play things cool and even a little hard to get, since this is what your ex will respond to.

If you simply rush into getting back together, then you may find yourself getting pushed off by your ex. Actually, if your ex is giving signs of getting back together, then it was most probably you playing hard to get that  caused the renewed interest.

Usually when you break up with each other, your initial instinct is to naturally miss each other, and wanting to get back together. This is very true for long term relationships of a year or longer.  Because of all the memories you share, there is no doubt your ex is going to miss you. But there are also other feelings that emerge such as regret. If you are thinking of getting back together, then odds are your ex is thinking the same thing, and for similar reasons.

However, sometimes when an ex shows renewed interest, they are playing mind games. They may notice you still love them, and use that to get your attention, without any thoughts of wanting to get back together. So, unless your ex seems sincerely interested in you again, they may just be killing time until they find a new lover. And what’s worse is they may use it as a way to get back at you for some perceived wrong. This is why you should not rush back to them, and rather work on reading the situation before going any further.

This is very common and many of us think of getting back together, but it is better to suss out the situation before acting. In reality, if your ex wants to get you back, then playing a little hard to get, coupled with moderate flirting is the ideal way to go, since it will protect you from getting hurt if your ex was never serious about getting back together.

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