Get My Ex Back: The Strategy Revealed

Having the love of my life leave me was no a pretty scene, but I was determined to get my ex back. Most of us haven’t the slightest clue of how to get your ex back, so we end up doing the completely wrong things and drive our ex partners out of our lives. Well, this is what I did to get my ex back before I made those dreaded mistakes.

What I didn’t do is try follow my ex around wherever they went, trying desperately to “accidentally” walk by them. This never works, so stop doing it in your attempts at getting back together.

My breakup happened to be a rather emotional one, so I needed to give both myself and my ex some time to “cool off” before making any attempt to get my ex back.

I had to remove myself from all the negative energy surrounding the breakup. The best way to do this was to keep my mind focused on other things. Some may say that I was avoiding the issue at hand, but I knew I could not make clear decisions with all the built up emotional pain and anger. And anything I tried at that moment to get back with my ex would have made the situation worse.

A few ideas I had were to get involved in a new sport or class. I even thought of taking a vacation. Anything that would help keep me out and about, instead of curling up at home and moping over my ex. I would never have been able to get my ex back if I felt sorry for myself at home!

As I spent time away from my ex partner, I decided to come to grips with what was actually going wrong in our relationship, and where I was to blame. Do not beat yourself over what you did wrong, but acknowledged it and start to think of ways to get your ex back.

Because as much as the sky is blue, to get my ex back I had to give them a really good reason to start things over. And to do that I needed to come up with a solid plan to right all my wrongs I had done in the relationship, so that a breakup would not happen again.

In getting back together, it really is as simple as doing what I did to get my ex back. So determine what role you played in your breakup and then pursue your ex with a good strategy in place.

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