Get Back With My Ex: The Steps I Took

When I went through a break up, it was a long and difficult task to get back with my ex, and it took a lot of determination. To get back my ex was by no means as easy as seducing someone I had recently met. Instead I was trying to impress someone that knew me too well, which made the process much harder.

The end of any relationship usually means that something went wrong. So to successfully get my ex back, I had to be willing to make some changes and sacrifices to ensure the new relationship would end up like the first.

After the breakup, I gave my ex some time to adjust to the change and understand what had happened. Once I felt enough time had gone by, I began contacting my partner. This initial contact was not to talk about the breakup, nor was it to discuss how they felt. My phone call was simply to ask how they were doing. After the intial contact, I slowly increased the frequency of the contact, until my ex almost expected me to phone or email.

While spending time with them, the process of getting back your ex will differ for guys and girls.

To get back your ex boyfriend or husband, you need to show him the effort you have put into making changes to anything that previously harmed the relationship. It will also help to get him involved in activities that you use to enjoy together, as it will help remind him of how good the relationship was at times, and it will show him what he is missing by not being with you.

Just keep cool and confident and prevent scaring him off by obsessing over how he feels, what he thinks, and why the breakup happened.

For winning back your ex girlfriend or wife, you should appeal to her feelings and emotions. A woman needs to feel that her emotions are being met in a relationship. So to show your woman that you are able to fulfill hers, show her that you sincerely respect and value her feelings and points of view.

To get my ex back I paid close attention and listen carefully to what she had to say. But I still stayed a little distant to make sure I never just became friends with her.

So, in a nutshell, to get back with my ex, I gave her enough time to understand the situation. And when I did contact her, I simply reminded her of the good times and avoided being emotional. While I do admit that this was only part of a bigger plan to win back my ex, it was a good start to getting back together.

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