Do’s And Don’ts On How To Get An Ex Back

Being in a breakup is never a nice place to be. You must be feeling really lonely and confused and wanting to know how to get an ex back. You most probably do not know where the relationship went wrong. But remember, many of us have gone through heartache and while this may not sound comforting, we have survived it. All of us do.

The good news is that it is possible to learn how to get back with your ex. So if you want to know how to win back your ex, this is what you should and should never do.

Let’s start with what you should never do:

  • Do not constantly bombard them with phone calls or text messages.
  • Do not stalk them
  • Do not hide away at home crying and being morbid.
  • Do not go to a bar and try to pick up randoms.
  • Do not be depressed.

Now that we have got those out of the way, this is what you should do:

  • Get out and socialize with friends
  • Work on your appearance and get in shape
  • Give your ex space and time alone
  • Get out in the warm sun, relax and read a book
  • Go out, meet new people and make new friends

When trying to learn how to get an ex back, the one thing that will push them even further away is you being clingy. You need to give your ex room to breathe. If they do not want to hear from you, don’t contact them! Leave them alone.

What you should do is give them the best gift of all…the gift of letting them miss you.

It really is that simple! When we cannot get something that we want, we tend to want it more. It’s the law of attraction. Also, if your ex sees you having fun with someone else, that make them want you more. And this is where giving your ex space, not waiting for them to phone, but going and having fun makes all the difference.

I realize you may not feel like socializing with anyone, but do it! This is the best way in learning how to win your ex back – seriously. Who knows, while you are out you may find someone else who is better than your ex.

Nothing is more unappealing than desperation. Nobody wants to around someone that is needy and desperate to be with them. It’s not romantic, it’s creepy!

Just remain positive and the experiences in your life will be positive.

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