A Strategy To Win Back Your Ex

When you go through a breakup it can be a traumatic time, especially if it is unexpected. If you have recently broken up with your lover, it is very common to want to win back your ex.

The end of the relationship is a sign that something went wrong, and whoever left was not having their needs met. To win ex back, you may need to make changes or sacrifices so that the relationship does not end same way again.

Think about things you need to change about yourself to enable the relationship to survive, and consider whether they will be sustainable.

If you feel you will be able to maintain these changes, start winning back your ex by contacting them. You can get hold of them in any way you feel most comfortable with – such as phone calls, text messages, emails or even cards.

Let the first contact be casual and relatively free of deep feelings. The last thing you want to do is scare off them off before you have even begun to win back your ex.

Slowly increase the frequency of the contact, and build trust with them.

When you do spend time with your ex, make sure you do something that both of you used to enjoy together. This will set the right mood and show your ex what they are missing out on by not being with you. It will also remind your ex of how good things were in the relationship, which will make it easier for you to win ex back.

Girls – you should stop yourself from becoming needy and emotional, as this will only push your partner further away.

Guys – you need to make an effort to really listen and value your ex’s emotions and feelings. This will show your ex that you can support all of her emotional needs, which will help in getting back your ex.

During your time spent together, make sure you show your ex all the effort you have put into making positive changes in your life, that could help the relationship in the future. They will respect the effort you have made, and will be more open to getting back together.

If you think that any changes you have made, will not be sustainable, you are better off moving on and not trying to win back your ex, because any rekindled relationship is doomed to follow the same road as the first.

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