9 Mistakes To Avoid When Getting Your Ex Back

So you’ve been thinking of getting your ex back in love with you? Just be careful in your approach, because you may find them hating you instead of loving you. Here are 9 mistakes you should avoid at all costs, when getting back with your ex:

1 – Constantly call them:
If you keep phoning your ex several times a day, they will get really annoyed with you and may even block your number. Although this can be overcome by getting more phone numbers, it will not help you in getting your ex back.

2 –  Bombard Them With Messages:
So you want to get the attention of your ex? But in the wrong way. Then keep sending them text messages, emails and letters telling them how much you miss them. Go one step further and leaves notes on their windshield, and you will never get an ex back.

3 – Remind Them Of Old Promises:
Keep bringing up the past and remind them about all the promises they made to you. So what if the circumstances have changed? If they made a promise, they should keep it, right?. Keep bringing it up, and you won’t be getting your ex back anytime soon.

4 – Follow or Stalk them:
Follow them around wherever they go, and make sure they know that every second they are alive, you will be right there. Every breathe they take, every move they make, you will be watching them. When they see you, give them a grin. They will think you are completely insane and will definitely scare them off. You won’t be getting back with an ex any time soon; the only thing you will be getting is a restraining order.

5 – Pester their friends:
Keep in close contact with their friends, constantly asking them how your ex is coping and where they now hang out. Follow their friends around wherever they go, and they will definitely not help you in getting your ex back.

6 – Harass Their New Lover:
Harass your ex’s new lover, telling them that you are the true love, and that your efforts at getting back with your ex will soon work. This will really irritate both your ex and their new lover, and it will ruin your chances of even being friends.

7 – Befriend Their Parents:
By now you would really have dug yourself a big hole. But to dig it even deeper and lose all hope of getting your ex back, you could call your ex’s parents and try befriend them. This will really annoy them and may even cause friction between your ex and their parents.

8 – Date Their Best Friend:
Have you thought of dating their best friend? If you really do not want to get an ex back, then this is the way to go. It will not only make your ex jealous, but it will ruin their relationship with their best friend too. And when the damage has been done, the best friend will catch on that you used them, and will dump you quicker than you thought possible.

9 – Disrupt Their Workplace:
Getting back your ex will be really hard for you if you start disrupting their workplace. You could call their office and ask to speak to them. This will really frustrate them and they may even end up losing their job.

So these are the 9 mistakes to AVOID when getting back with your ex back. Look, there are ways that will work. My best advice would be to get help from a friend who has had a few long-lasting relationships or has expert relationship advice. Avoid asking your friend who hops from one relationship to the next, because they are most probably doing some or all of the 9 mistakes above.

Listen to your heart in getting your ex back, but be careful what you do. Not all ways that make sense to you, are the right ways to get an ex back.

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