5 Ways To Win Ex Back

If you recently went through a break up, you may be wanting to win ex back. Relationships are sensitive bonds that need to built up and continuously worked on to keep them healthy and give them time to flourish. So when a break up happens, it can be stressful, nerve wracking and frustrating for both of you.

If you recently went through a break up, you may be wanting to win ex back. So how do you go about doing that, without coming across as needy and desperate? Here are 5 tips that I learned when I wanted to win ex back. Not only are they great for getting back at your ex, but also for winning them back as well.

1 – Keep Your Composure:

Nobody likes a needy person, and especially applies during a break up. You need to keep your composure and stop yourself from begging, clinging or showing signs of desperation. Try show your ex that you are coping just fine without them by keeping strong and moving on. When your ex sees this confidence, they will realize they still have feelings for you and won’t want to move on.

2 – Cut down communication:

This may appear counter-intuitive when your main aim is to rekindle the love, but it is one of the most vital steps in your quest to win ex back. Take a break, cut off communication, and let your ex think the situation through, while you avoid contact. This will allow him or her to think clearly and realize how much they valued your relationship.

3 – Be flexible:

Do not abrasive with your ex, forcing them to move out or collect their thing before a certain date. Remember, they are hurting just as much as you are, so be flexible, listen and sympathize with what they have to say. Your ex will be impressed when they see this side of you, and it may inspire them to fix the communication channels that were broken when the separation happened.

4 – Get out there:

During these tough times, the worst thing you could do is be alone. So get hold of your friends and get out of the house. Develop some new social circles and have some fun. This does not mean you should start dating again or even taking notice of the opposite sex, but you need to be getting out and having fun with your friends. Not only will it build up your confidence, but it will make your ex realize how crazy they were to let you go.

5 – Be who you are:

There was a reason you and your ex had a relationship in the first place, so remember to be yourself and show your ex why he or she fell for you to begin with. This renewed confidence and expression of yourself may even rub off on your ex as well.

Look I have been in your position before – feeling a low sense of self worth, constantly depressed and even needy. If it was not for me taking the advice and following a step by step system to win ex back, I may never have got that special someone back. While these are good starting points, they are only some of the steps I took to get my true love back. If you really are serious about wanting to win ex back, then I’m sure will also get great value from the same life-changing advice, found in the Magic Of Making Up.

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