What I Did To Heal My Broken Heart

When my relationship ended, I knew it was important for me to heal my broken heart and get over my ex. It was not very easy, though. I had been with my partner for a long time. It would have been easier if we had only been going about for a couple of months, but we had been together for over 3 years. Fortunately I came across a few techniques to heal my broken heart and move on quicker.

The first thing I did to heal my broken heart and get over my ex was to get rid of anything that reminded me of them. I did not throw the mementos out, but I simply put them away where I would not see them. One thing I could not get rid of was the dog we bought together, but everything else went.

Over 3 years we had accumulated a lot of things that filled my rooms, so I knew I could not throw everything out! So what I did was to only put away things that brought on the strongest memories and emotions.

For example, we had bought a couch together, which didn’t really spur on any feelings. But what did were the pillows on the couch and the small figurine at the end of the table that my ex gave me as gift. It was those small things that reminded me of my ex partner, so that it is what I boxed away.

On bad days when I could simply not get my ex off my mind, what I did was to think of their bad qualities and habits that used to irritate me. Of all the methods I used to heal my broken heart, this is one that made me think of them the most, so I would only recommend you do it if you are ready to move on.

Just think of all the things you disliked most about them. If your mind is blank then move on. But you will most probably come up with a whole lot of things that you hated about them, especially if those things led to the end of the relationship.

When I was ready, I knew if I really wanted to heal my broken heart, get over my ex, and move on, I needed to start dating again.  While many people would say otherwise, I believe it is a good way of distracting yourself.

Even if you are still in love with your ex, you can still go on date. I’m not saying you have to go off and fall in love with someone else soon. While dating and hanging out with friends is a great way of getting over an ex, it also keeps you from feeling sorry for yourself. And that’s what I did to heal my broken heart and get on with my life.

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