How To Cure A Broken Heart

Have you gone through a break up and wanting to know how to cure a broken heart, so that you can move forward? This is what we have to say…

It was about 15 years ago that Susan all of a sudden ended her relationship with her man. But it was only until recently that she realized she had been dragging the pain and guilt of her broken relationship into every part of her life. Why? Because Susan did not bring closure to that breakup, she wasn’t healing a broken heart but rather protecting it from further damage, thus sabotaging every future relationship.

What she discovered is that if she wanted to create her ideal life and relationships, she needed to bring closure to the past and learn how to mend a broken heart.

One of biggest challenges is learning from the past, accepting it, leaving it in the past, and moving on with confidence. Learning how to cure a broken heart and bringing closure to the breakup is a way of moving on towards what you want out of life.

Does your life seem stagnant? Is there anything important that you have not told someone yet? Are you still clinging onto past relationship  – whether they failed or not? Are you wondering why you have not found your “soul mate”?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, you need to learn how to mend a broken heart and bring closure to those breakups. Here is what you can do:

1 – Contact that person:

If there is something you still need to tell them, then speak to them, either in person or in your imagination. Susan, called up her ex boyfriend and said sorry. After she had told him, she knew she was healing a broken heart as she felt a relief that was long overdue. If you do not have the courage to speak to them in person, then use your imagination. For example, pretend your pillow is that person and then have the conversation with it. Just remember to thank that person for what you learned from the relationship. And if you can, do this “ceremony” by a river or lake and let the object float away with those old feelings.

2 – Forgive:

If you have to forgive yourself or your ex, then take the steps to do just that. Look, forgiveness is a step towards your physical and emotional health, and it does not always mean you accept what you or your ex did in the past. Once you see what you learned from the breakup, you can start to be thankful for it and know how to cure a broken heart.

3 – Get rid of things that remind and keep you tied to the past:

A year after his divorce, Troy, finally decided to burn his collection of Jack Johnson CD’s which was what he listened to during his painful last years of marriage. As he burned them, he released all his bottled up emotions into the fire and felt he was fixing a broken heart. Not only did he burn his collection, but he also stopped listening to that music that reminded him of the past. Only several years later was he able to listen to Jack Johnson again, without getting all emotional.

4 – Be thankful for the experience:

If you want to know how to mend a broken heart and move forward in life, you need to be thankful for that relationship and for what it taught you. This can be as simple as thinking about your past relationships, or performing a “ritual” where you go to say the edge of a cliff, give thanks to the people in your past relationships, and throw something that reminds you of them over the edge. Just try it – you will feel a sense of relief and the ability to move forward with confidence.

Learning how to cure a broken heart and bringing closure, if done in a loving way, can give you the freedom to move on from the past and begin attracting the right person and experiences into your life. If you are willing to accept what has happened and let it go, wonderful things may come to you sooner than you think.

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