What you need to know about Relationship Addiction

What is relationship addiction you may be wondering? Well someone who is a relationship addict has a dependency of being involved with someone because they believe it will bring them happiness and also make them complete. Therefore he or she usually will do anything to ensure the other person is happy in order to maintain that union. It is okay to put effort into your partnership however usually it should be 50/50 (or close to) instead of a 90/10 balance. If one person is giving most of the time then there is a serious off balance and is usually an indicator of this type of addiction.

The root to this problem usually lies in the low self esteem or a low feeling of self worth of the individual. This mindset usually develops as the person is growing up over time. How they see and perceive relationships as they grow up play an important role. People who grow up in broken homes or who was the outsider as a child growing up are more vulnerable to relationship addiction. In other words the bonds which were not present as a child they try to acquire or maintain by overcompensating.

As you should be able to reason by now, the greatest fears of someone suffering from relationship addiction is being alone or abandoned. In other words being single will be accessed as being unhappy. It is no surprise to note that women are more likely to be in this position than men. This is because this type of addiction is heavily emotionally based and women are typically more emotional than their male counterpart. This coupled with their natural disposition of being a child bearer puts them on the top of the list. For example many women who biological clock is coming close to an end tend to work harder at keeping their relationships together.

If you want a family and time is running out you will tend to take more from your partner than in the earlier years. Therefore you may compromise with an abusive or detrimental union simply because you have failed in your earlier years to keep a partner. This is why you would find that someone who is addicted to being in a relationship will never be the one to end it. Although, there may be more than enough reasons to leave the relationship but the person just can’t. If you are in such a situation then you should take a look at our article on the symptoms of relationship addiction. This will give you a quick diagnosis to help you find out whether you are a victim of this type of addiction.

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