What are some of the major reasons people break up?

When it comes time to decide whether to end a relationship you start to consider the reasons to break up or stay together. Weighing the pros and cons of the relationship will definitely put you in a better position to make a decision.

At the end of the day a break up is something which can possibly affect you the rest of your life so it should be done with a lot of thought. Although you might think that you have a good reason to break up with someone at the time, later down the road you may look back and regret the whole thing.

This feature today is not to tell you whether to leave your spouse or not but to give you some incite to why people are breaking up in general. It may or may not help you in the decision but at the end of the day you must make a choice which you can live with.

Today we will be looking at the 10 main reasons with some explanations on each point. This starts below with:

Cheating spouse or lover: Infidelity is the top reasons to break up a relationship today. When you catch your spouse cheating you have two options. You can either end the relationship or remain and try to work things out. Ending the relationship is sometimes an easier route to take because it is difficult to keep a good relationship after infidelity. This is because the attitudes towards the relationship usually change. Therefore you will see a number of issues arising such as trust issues (partner always looking for signs of cheating), feelings issues, depression and general conflict.

Someone else: A third party is always a strong reason for someone ending a relationship. This does not necessarily mean that an affair has occurred although usually it does. It can be just that your relationship was failing. As a result it is easier for someone else to spark your lover’s interest and he or she may want to pursue a relationship with this person.

Lack of Commitment (no future): Everyone have goals in life and this is no different with relationships. If your goals in a particular relationship are to get married, have children and generally move to the next level then your spouse or lover should be there as well. It does not necessarily mean you have to get married tomorrow but have a plan. If you don’t a have a plan then you are giving your partner reasons to break up with you.

Change in feelings (loss of love): People feelings in a relationship can change for a number of reasons as time goes on. It can be for the better of the relationship or the detriment. Some catalyst to this change are events such as change in lifestyle or an instant of infidelity. Sometimes it is possible to recover but other times it is very difficult to remain together.

Sexual Incompatibilty: He wants it all the time and she doesn’t. Does this sound familiar to you? Everyone needs a minimum amount of sexual gratification in order to be happy in their relationship. When couples have highly contrasted sex drives it can become a problem or the center of arguments. It is not just the physical aspect of sex but also emotional side. If you are not getting it you will wonder if your lover is no longer attracted to you or worst getting it from someone else.

Abusive relationship: Abuse can be either physical or emotional. This usually leads to depression and a yearning to end the partnership. Some times leaving immediately is not possible due to circumstances however the person at the bad end of the stick will break up with you as soon as the opportunity arises.

Continuous nagging and complaining (comparing you to other): No one like a nag or a complainer and usually in the beginning of a relationship nothing is an issue. Later down the road issues are not handled with the tack as with the initial stages and this can leave one of the parties in a state of misery.

Lack of trust: Trust and communication are some of the fundamental blocks of a relationship. Trust is usually earned over time and can be lost in an instance. Trust issues usually occurs after an event. Some events which can cause a lack of trust are lies, infidelity, flirting, realising he or she is a past cheater (cheated in other relationships) etc. Typically trust issues is usually an underlying reason to break up with someone.

Lack of communication: As mentioned earlier communication is the other fundamental building blocks of any union. If there no communication between partners then usually there will be outside with an external person or persons. This is the majority of time where the problem lie when the friendship turn to more than just that.

Outrageous bad habits: Everyone has one or two bad habits such as leaving the toilet seat up etc. There are some habits which can be over board. These are habits such as extremely poor hygiene, drugs, alcohol abuse etc. If you are with someone who basic habits are not inline with yours then it is more compelling to leave.

This is the end of our little chat on the reasons for breaking up with someone. It should open up your eyes to some of the circumstances faced by persons on a day by day basis. Hope this help you in some form or fashion with your decision.

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