Tips to moving on after a break up

Moving on after a breakup can sometimes be a slow process depending on the individual and circumstances of the break up. This is because now that you are free from that relationship, it will take time to readjust to life without that significant other.

You may be wondering, when do you know you have moved on ? Well only you can answer that, you may have a new lover or even got married but your feelings for the past relationship are still there. This is why your partner in the new relationship may feel threatened by the ex because feelings sometimes never go away. Therefore a good tip is to keep the ex away especially if you still have feelings for him or her.

As mentioned before moving on after a breakup is totally dependent on the person. Some people move on faster than others because of various reasons. Persons who are attractive; have little commitments and who are active socially mesh back into the single life and dating easier than a person like a single mom or dad. However, there are things which can help make the transition easier.

Below we have formulated 7 tips which would help you move on after a breakup especially when you were in a long term relationship:

  • Enjoy yourself: Is there anything that you once did and would like to start back doing? Is there anything which you were interested in and never had the chance to do? Well there is no better time to do these things than now. A break up is difficult and what you need to do when moving on is to keep your mind preoccupied with the things you like.
  • Surround yourself with positive people: Moving on after a breakup does not have to be done alone. You have your family and friends there which are there to support you through this time. If you don’t have either there is nothing wrong with making new friends and having positive people around you.
  • Focus on your goals: Self reflection is good and now that you are no longer in a relationship you should start re-looking your goals. Your goals can be as simple as acquiring a home, an education or raising the children as best as possible.
  • Don’t blame or concentrate on the past relationship: It is normal to be thinking about your past relationship after you broke up unless you left the person for someone else. Everyone wonder what they could have done differently and you may blame yourself or spouse for the reasons the relationship ended. Whenever the thought comes across your mind stop it, and preoccupy yourself with something else to do.
  • Take time to recover to get to know you: Moving on from a break up is not easy and now that you have time to yourself use it to recover and also rediscover who you are. Eventually you will start dating but let it happen when you are ready.
  • Time to date and go looking: Well eventually this will happen since you are on the market you can looking to see what is out there. It is not a bad thing to start dating but don’t force yourself to start unless you have gone pass years in solitude.
  • Get help: This mainly applies to persons who are in a state of constant depression after the relationship has ended. If you are still thinking about the relationship constantly after six months and can’t get pass it then you need help. You might not need to see a shrink or therapist but other alternive sources such as self help workshops.

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