How To Survive A Break Up

When figuring out how to survive a break up, the strong painful feelings can often be difficult to deal with and it may feel as if they will be there forever. But what you are experiencing is perfectly normal, and it is only a matter of time before you will feel better.

At the end of your relationship, you may be feelings angry, upset, and restless. Don’t worry – this is what most people go through in surviving a break up. Do not try to bottle up these feelings, as it will only cause you to more emotional pain for a longer period of time.

Rather accept how you are feeling, and express your emotion by crying, playing your favorite music, writing down your feelings, or sharing them with a close friend. This is the right way to deal with your pain, and by expressing your feelings you help yourself let go of the anger, sadness and resentment. And the quicker you can let go, the quicker you can achieve break up survival and move on.

Some of us express our feelings in the completely wrong way, such as trying to hurt their ex or others. Please do not go down this dark road. You will only end up feeling worse about yourself, and it will take longer in knowing how to survive a break up.

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