How To Stop A Break Up Before It Happens

If you have ever gone through a break up, you know how painful it can be. And if you looked back once the relationship was over, you most probably noticed all the signs that you never saw before. If you can recall those signs and keep them in mind, you can learn how to stop a break up in the future. And they can also help you get back your ex after the split.

One clear sign that a break up is imminent is when your partner reduces physical contact. This does not only mean sex. If he or she suddenly loses interest in sex, it is a good sign that they are about to break up with you. But you need to realize that the relationship does have its normal ups and downs where you have a lot of sex and then not much at all. This is natural.

A break up is most probably coming if your lover even stops holding your hand. Or if they stop getting close to you in public like they used to do. Any sudden changes in behavior like not touching you in public when you partner is usually affectionate, could be warning signals for you.

If they beyond touching, and even become uncomfortable when you ouch them, then it is best to ask them what the matter is. But do not just assume that because they moved away from your touch that you now need to learn how to stop a break up. Many things could be causing your partner to act this way.

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