How To Get Over A BreakUp: The Steps To Recovery

Are you currently trying to figure out how to get over a breakup?  Are you going through so much emotional pain that feels like your heart cannot take it anymore?  Do you think of seeing your ex, but then feeling like killing them? Take this break up advice and understand that what you are going through is completely normal.

Just like you go through the steps of mourning for a loved one that has passed away, there are also steps in getting over a breakup.  Sometimes it can even be easier to get over someone that has died, than trying to get over your lover leaving you.  This is because there always seems to be more support and sympathy when someone has died, as compared to when someone simply dumps you.

The first step in dealing with a break up is to sit down and write your ex a long letter.  Spill out all your emotions.  Write about the good times you had as a couple.  Tell your ex what you loved most about them.  Write down your view on the break up. Criticize your ex. It is fine to say exactly what is on your mind, as nobody is ever going to read it.  This is because once it is finished, you are going to tear it up and burn it.  This is one of the very few rituals that will do you wonders in knowing how to get over a breakup.

Your next step is do an exchange. If the relationship was long-term they will probably have some of your things at their place, and you will have some of theirs. And there is a good chance you want those things back, and so do they. So agree on a time to do the exchange and then keep on following this break up advice.

For trivial things that will not be given back, you should box them or throw them out.  Don’t be silly and leave your ex partner’s toothbrush in the bathroom. It will keep on reminding you of them and not help in getting over a breakup.

Also it is good to put any gifts away, out of sight.  Wearing that nice watch your ex gave you will remind you of them every time you look down at it. This will not help your cause in dealing with a break up.

There also may be some financial issues to be sorted out before you can learn how to get over a breakup. If you owe your ex a month’s rent or something else, then settle it now, even if you have to borrow the money to do so.

I am sure you have realized by now that all this break up advice acts as a way for you to get your ex out of your mind and your life. And that is what is takes in learning how to move on effectively.

Once you have completed the above steps, promise yourself not to contact your ex for at least 30 days. It will give you the opportunity in getting over a breakup and rebuilding your life.  So no calling, texting, emailing, or even going to the same places you used to go together. It could be an idea to agree with your ex to give each other “sole rights” to certain bars and favorite hang-oust, so that you do not see each other when you go out.

Once you have given yourself the space and time to rebuild your life, it will be easier for you to meet new people.  This is not going to be an easy process, but it is crucial in learning how to get over a breakup successfully. So get started!

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