Dealing With A Break Up And Moving On

Sometimes dealing with a break up is difficult. It is not often easy, unless you were glad to get out of the relationship and cannot wait to change and move on. A break up affects your whole life. Everything seems to remind you of your ex. And if you had the same friends, just going out with them can stir up a whole lot of emotions.
One the hardest things when dealing with a break up and moving on is how your friends and family react. If your family loved your ex, you will get tired of them asking about the break up. You need to let them know that you are dealing with a break up and ready to move on, and that them always reminding you of the past relationship is not helping.

Occasionally coping with a break up can be difficult for your family. They keep on talking about your ex in high hopes that you will get back together. Just tell them straight: “I’m moving on, the relationship is over, and that’s that”.

Over time they will learn to accept your decision because they love you and want to see you happy. It may be harder to convince your friends to let go…

If you never had the same friends, it may be little easier. But if you both socialized with the same people, it will be weird for your friends when you are no longer together. And it will be even harder when your ex wants to hang out with them too.

You may even bump into each other when you around the same friends. Just because you broke up, does not mean you have to lose your friends too. It simply means that it will be hard for you to keep those same friendships after the break up.

As hard as it may be, when you are dealing with a break up and are ready to move on, you may have to end some of those mutual friendships. You and your ex may have to come to an agreement to only hang out will some of those friends.

Just keep your closest friendships, and let your ex do the same. While this may be painful at first, it will be better for everyone, since they won’t have to take sides and choose who to hang out with.

Sometimes, in dealing with a break up, the moving on is very hard when you are surrounded by mutual friends, and know so many places you used to go together. If you can, try get away from the same places and people.

It may be a good idea to Take a vacation with a good friend who does not know your ex very well. It will help you get see a situation differently. Once you are dealing with a break up and ready to move on, then time away from everything will help a lot.

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