What To Do To “Get My Boyfriend Back”

Have you been wanting to “get my boyfriend back”? Is life meaningless without him? Do you feel there is a big void in your heart now that he is gone? Are you willing to do anything to get him back?

If you cannot stop wondering “how do I get him back?” then maybe it is time you changed the way you look at your relationship with him. I t may have been that you the relationship was nearing marriage, and he got cold feet.

Maybe he felt claustrophobic and felt like he was losing control of his life and his destiny. But as you push to “get my boyfriend back” you could be putting added pressure on him and forcing him to get away. Hopefully he just needs some space to himself, but if you try too hard he may drift further away from you.

And this is what you must understand as you figure out how to get ex boyfriend back. Like many men, he may love his independence. So every so often he needs space to himself. Getting married and committed to you may have sounded great at the time, but as he thought about it he may have felt smothered and out of control.

Most of the time, men have to be in control. They love to take charge of their lives and the situations affecting their lives. As you rush things in your attempt to “get my boyfriend back” he feel like his is losing control.

And once marriage and long-term life-partnerships are brought up in conversation, he could feel he is getting sucked into something he is not ready for. If he feels he is going down a road he is not willing to take just yet, then he may break free from your clutches.

So to get ex boyfriend back when he has left you, you are going to need to sensitive and secretive about it. You do not want to push him down the commitment road. He must want to go down that road at his free will, and feel like he is leading the way.

You need to make him think that he is deciding which way to go. But since you do not have any way to go yet and you are trying to fix the breakup, this is the right moment to start trying to “get my boyfriend back”. He may have had the space he needed, and feel free from your clutches.

If he wants to speak with you and there is no tension between you, be willing to talk to him, but not too willing. So if he calls you up and asks to meet you somewhere, pretend that you already have other plans, but give him a rain check.

The point in knowing how to get ex boyfriend back is to give him the impression that he wants you, and not the other way around. He need to be the hunter – and you the hunted. Usually men are most attracted to things that are not that easy to get.

This will give him the drive to go in for the kill. To get him to commit to you, make yourself the irresistible prey he just has to have, but can never quite get, and very soon you will “get my boyfriend back”.

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