Steps To Take Get Him Back Or Move On

Did your boyfriend just leave you? This may be hard for you to deal with. You could really be hurting, but still eager to get him back.

Your first step is to not spend too much looking within yourself for answers as to why he broke up with you. The truth behind the breakup, was most probably because he has his own issues to deal with. I’m sure he gave you the line “It’s not you, it’s me”.

If you are still in love with him and do not think the relationship is over yet, then rather spend your time getting your ex boyfriend back. Here are a few things you should know:

1. Don’t bug him. Once your boyfriend broke up with you, it means you will have limited ways to contact him. But do not badger him with constant emails, phone calls and text messages.

2. It is okay to flirt with other men when he is around. It may make him possessive over you and eager to regain your affection.

3. When getting him back on a casual date with you, just be friendly and pleasant, and avoid putting unnecessary pressure on him.

But, if you have that feeling that he has gone forever, then it is better to trust your instinct and move on than to try get him back. Here’s a 3-step plan to get over him quickly.

Your first step is to get closure after the breakup.

Sit down and write a long, emotional letter to him, expressing exactly how you feel. Write about all the good and bad memories you had together. Tell him how hurt you feel and what a jerk he is. Whatever. Just write what you feel. But DO NOT send the letter, but get a lighter and burn it, and burn those emotions away.

The second step is to give back each others belongings.

If you do not want to get ex boyfriend back, but start to move on, then you need to give back each others things. Give him back his t-shirt you love to lie around in. Get back that DVD you lent him. Trivial things like toothbrushes are best just to be thrown out. Get rid of everything that reminds you of your ex. If you have to keep a gift he gave you, then store it out of your sight until you have completely moved on. If you owe each other money, then get that sorted out now.

The third step if you do not want to get him back is to avoid any contact for the next 30 days.

I understand that you used to see each other almost everyday, and that it will be hard for you not call him. But after the breakup, it is good to give yourself some time and distance away from him.

It is painful and emotional to be dumped by a boyfriend you loved so dearly, but it does not mean your life is over. Look on the bright side – now that you are not preoccupied with him, you be able to find your true love.

On the hand, just because he has broken up with you, it does not mean that the relationship is over for good. If you feel you have a chance to get him back and that he is worth pursuing, then you should go for it. True love always gets another chance.

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