How To Get My Ex Boyfriend Back: 4 Tips To Getting Him Back

I was once like you and felt totally helpless in knowing how to get my ex boyfriend back. The break up left me devastated and confused. I felt angry, lonely and depressed, and did not know where to start.

But I truly felt there was a chance to get my boyfriend back, so I was determined to learn how. Here are some tips I picked up along the way.

1 – Mourn Over The Breakup:

I know this may sound strange, but the first thing I learned in how to get my ex boyfriend back was to mourn the breakup. There is extensive proof that the emotional pain after a breakup is very similar to that felt after the someone you love passes away. So grieving and mourning my breakup was actually a healthy way to recover.

As I kept asking myself, “How do I get him back?”, it occurred to me that I needed to keep hold of my life. So I made sure I was eating healthily and getting enough sleep. My friends also helped tremendously in supporting me through the grieving.

2 – Evaluate The Breakup:

After mourning, my mind was much more focused and clear, which gave me the opportunity to understand why the relationship failed and led to the breakup. During the process I had to decide whether getting him back was what I really wanted. Once I realized I still loved him I tried hard to find out why the breakup happened. And in learning how to get my ex boyfriend back I had to come to grips with the fact that we were both at fault.

3 – Solve The Core Issues:

Once I had identified the core issues for the breakup, it was time for me to start finding solutions. I realized that I needed to make some changes, and try to better understand his point of view. To get my boyfriend back I was even willing to accept some of his flaws and quirks. What I also acknowledged was that no matter how much we had disagreed on a particular issue, we would still be able to work through it and move on.

4 – Boost His Ego:

Another tip I learned on how to get my ex boyfriend back was to boost his ego and make him feel better about himself. You see, usually guys have a bigger ego, which can really be bruised after a breakup. So to help him feel better and get his confidence back up I put my ego on the line and apologized for what had happened. This also helped relieve him of some of the guilt and blame he may have been feeling.

There are a variety of other strategies for getting him back. But what worked for me was to first grieve over the breakup, and then evaluate what really happened. Once I had uncovered the core issues, I got to work on solving them.

As I figured out how to get my ex boyfriend back, not once did I try make him change to suit my needs. The breakup most probably left him just as devastated as I was, so instead I concentrated on improving myself.  And that is how I won back his love and mended our broken relationship.

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  1. He says love’s me but he doesn’t want me and it’s over, what should I do, it’s been about 2 weeks now and no phone call we have a 3yr old together and he doesn’t even ask about him.

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