How To Get Him Back If You Dumped Him

Knowing how to get him back is tough if you were the one dumped. But what if you were the one who did the dumping? Can you still get your boyfriend back? This is what happened to Rachel when she had to get ex boyfriend back.

Rachel’s ‘friend’, Katie told her that her boyfriend Mike had been cheating on her. Without even finding out whether this was true or even asking Mike about it, Rachel accused him of having an affair. This completely shocked Mike, since he did not know at all what Rachel was talking about, but he struggled to defend himself. So Rachel dumped him!

After the breakup, Rachel realized that Katie, out of jealousy, had lied about the whole affair. Now Rachel was in a catch 22. She wanted to know how to get him back, but without looking foolish.

So she called him and told him how Katie had made up the rumor. But Mike was angry and in no state to take her back.  He had been hurt badly, since his own girlfriend had not trusted him and talked things over first.

If you’re like Rachel, then you know it will take a lot of effort to get your boyfriend back. But this is what she did.

1 – Apologize

The first thing Rachel did was write a long, sincere letter of apology.  She admitted that she was wrong to not trust him and that it would never happen again.  She reminded Mike of all the fantastic memories and long history they had shared together.  She told him that she did not want to let him go.  She explained that she had acted out of love for and that she could not imagine him being with anyone else.  And that the thought of not having him anymore was depressing.

2 – Give Him Space

Once she had sent the letter off, she left him alone and did not bother him with text messages, phone calls or even emails.  She understood that getting your ex boyfriend back after what had happened would require her to give Mike his space.

3 – Remind Him Of The Good Times

When she happened to bump into Mike, Rachel was as friendly as possible.  She casually reminded him of the good times they had spent together.  But she did not apologize anymore.  She had already said sorry after the break up and in her letter, and thought that was enough. Mentioning it anymore would have made her seem desperate.

4 – Rebuild The Connection

Out of the blue, Rachel bought tickets for a concert with Mike’s favorite band.  She asked him to go with her, but just ‘as friends’. This way she opened the door for another relationship without being over-bearing or pressurizing him.

Learning how to get him back is hard after you have unfairly dumped him. Not only do you have to suck in your pride and apologize, but you literally have to start the relationship at square one again. It is vital that you rebuild the trust that you so foolishly broke.

5 – Get Him Back

After much time and effort, Rachel did eventually get him back. Mike realized that she had dumped him out of jealousy and deep love for him. He saw it as a mistake that the relationship could grow stronger from. And it did.

Rachel had learned how to get him back.

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