How Do I Get My Boyfriend Back?

If you wondering “How do I get my boyfriend back”, you may have already tried various ways to get him back. You may have pleaded, begged and promised to change for the better, and even gone so far as to try ruin any new relationship he is having.

But what you need to remember is how you appear to him. It will be very hard to get ex boyfriend back if you look immature or pathetic to him. So try to think about how you have acted since the breakup, and stop your nasty ways right now.

Whatever you have been doing obviously is not working, otherwise you would be back together by now. If you have been following him and ‘bumping’ into him everywhere he goes, he may see you more as a stalker than someone who cares about him.

If you want to know how to get your boyfriend back, you need to understand that the things you are doing to try win him back may actually be driving him away.

Next time you walk in and see him in the same restaurant or night club, do acknowledge him. But instead of walking up to him and demanding his attention, just say “hello” and then move on to another part of the room. Or what you could also do is let him know that if he is not comfortable with you being there, you will leave. Be kind and polite and simply get going. If anything else, your change in attitude will surprise him.

When I wanted to get my boyfriend back I knew I needed to go beyond what was expected. If you have been harassing him with phone calls 10 or even 3 times a day, stop right now. Rather call him when you really need something, not to simply bring up old reasons why you are so good for him.

If there is no reason to contact him, then don’t call. After a week or so, casually call him up just to say “hello” and that you were thinking of him. Ask how he is doing, and a few light-hearted questions along the same lines.

If he sounds suspicious of your intentions and that your being nice is a cover for your usual behavior, just let him know that you called because you missed him and wanted to know how he was keeping. Then say “goodbye” and end the call on a positive note.

When you want to get your boyfriend back you need to keep him guessing after such a conversation. He should wonder why you were being so nice, and not begging and pleading as usual. You need to keep him on his toes.

If you are not very comfortable with calling him, mail him a personal card that basically says you’re thinking about him. It is vital to give a chance to make the move. So if you are asking yourself “How do I get my boyfriend back?”, never smother him with affection or attention, but rather let him come to you.

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