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9 Mistakes To Avoid When Getting Your Ex Back

So you’ve been thinking of getting your ex back in love with you? Just be careful in your approach, because you may find them hating you instead of loving you. Here are 9 mistakes you should avoid at all costs, when getting back with your ex:

1 – Constantly call them:
If you keep phoning your ex several times a day, they will get really annoyed with… Continue reading

Getting Back With An Ex: 3 Positive Approaches

Have you been thinking of getting back with an ex? How are you coping after the breakup? Getting back together with an ex after a breakup can be done if you really want it to happen. If you are still in love with your ex partner and want to start over, there are a few points you need to take into consideration.

As you think about getting back with… Continue reading

How To Win Your Ex Back

how-to-win-your-ex-backIf your relationship was the best thing for you, then you may be wondering how to get back with ex. Perhaps you were not ready for the breakup. Even if it was a marriage that went sour and ended in divorce, you may still have a chance at rekindling the relationship. So if you are not quite ready to give up that… Continue reading

Getting Back With Your Ex – Making The Necessary Changes

You get home after yet another date. It did not go well. You find yourself thinking of getting back with your ex.

After the relationship ends, you may move on to new people. But, when you always catch yourself thinking of ways to get your ex back, is there anything that you can do to rekindle that old romance?

Yes. There are, and here I will show you… Continue reading