Get Back With My Ex – How To Get My Ex Back

If you really want to “get back with my ex“, then you need to do some soul searching and be completely honest with yourself. You need to decide if it will truly make you happy to get my ex back, and whether you won’t end up down the same road that led to the breakup in the first place.

It’s very easy after a breakup to only remember the good times, but it’s vital that you try be objective and remember the bad times too before thinking of winning back your ex.

Sometimes there are relationships that cannot be saved. If you and your ex spent most of your time arguing instead of having fun together, then maybe you should consider moving on. If both of you were physically and verbally abusive, then it was not a healthy relationship. And if your ex had some mental issues, you are most likely better off without them.

If, however, your relationship was good overall, and there weren’t abusive situations, then the following advice will help you win back your ex.

Harassing and pressurizing your ex isn’t a good idea. If you try to always to contact your ex, whether by phone, text message, email or stalking them, you will do more harm than good. Your ex will see your actions as a sign of desperation, which could drive them further away.

Never fight, nag, or beg with your ex about the relationship. It is easy when you are alone in your thoughts. You think of all kinds of “wrongs” you may have done. Even if your ex gave you the reasons for the breakup, there’s no point beating yourself up over them. You most probably wish you could go back and right all your wrongs, but now is the time to get out of the past, and start to focus on the present.

You need to concentrate on what is happening now. The only thing worse than constantly contacting your ex is begging or pleading with them. Making promises how you’ll change and be a better lover will not help you get back your ex at all.

What will help is if you back off a bit, give your ex time, and start to live your life again. Getting out there again will give you confidence. And this alone time will cause your ex to think about you and miss you, making you more desirable to them. You’ll also be helping yourself live a healthier, happier life.

Only once you have both spent time apart will you know whether you can work your differences out and get back your ex. While this advice alone will get you started in the right direction to “get back with my ex”, there is much more to it.

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